Reliable, Cost-Effective and Efficient Domestic Appliance Repairs in Johannesburg

AC Appliances offers domestic appliance repairs in Johannesburg at a cost-effective rate. Everyone knows of the frustration experienced when an essential appliance stops working and this is why it is important to have the details of a reliable and reputable repairs team on file. Knowing who to turn to when your much needed appliances fail to carry out their tasks is essential for the smooth running of your home.

At AC Appliances we can provide repairs services to just about any household appliance including fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, stoves, ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers, dish washers and so on. We carry out repairs to all major brands as well such as Bosch, AEG, Samsung, Siemens, Defy, Smeg, LG, Kelvinator, Speed Queen, Electrolux and many more. When we offer domestic appliance repairs in Johannesburg it is offered professionally and at a cost-effective rate. Knowing that your repairs will not cost as much as a new appliance is certainly a good reason to support our team.

If we need spares or parts to repair your appliances effectively, and you need to make use of them, we can provide you with a loan unit to make use of. We generally take 24 hours to repair an appliance, but if you require your appliances urgently, let us know and we will make an exception to get your items ready for use in a shorter period of time. We have 10 years experience in the field and have had loyal return customers throughout these years. As a client of ours you are guaranteed a personalised service that offers attention to detail and efficiency.

We are happy to visit your home to view and advise you on appliances – there is a small call out fee that is absolutely affordable. This fee will cover the call out, collection of your appliance and delivery to your door. It is never advised to try to repair your own appliances as often the problem is not as simple to repair and people end up damaging their appliances even more, thus incurring additional and unnecessary costs. Professional domestic appliance repairs in Johannesburg, supplied by us at AC Appliances are guaranteed to have your appliances working even better than ever before. We will even advise you on ways in which to maintain your household appliances for an extended life span.

At AC Appliances we can even provide you with advice on how your appliances should be operating if they are working to their full potential. This way you can be aware should something be wrong with your equipment and appliances before it becomes a bigger problem. Our friendly and approachable team promise you a courteous, effective and prompt service that you can rely on.

Take the time to discuss your need for domestic appliance repairs in Johannesburg with our knowledgeable and experienced team and you will find yourself provided with access to repairs and maintenance services that are simply second to none. Allow us to keep your home functions running smoothly – turn to AC Appliances for further information and assistance.


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