Affordable and Reliable Speed Queen Washing Machine Services

Not many people are even vaguely aware when seeking out a Speed Queen washing machine service, of its history and background. These machines are known to be extremely efficient as well as reliable and this is all due to the experimentation and hard work of Joe Barlow and John Seelig in 1908. These two men were regular hardware store owners that devised a way to increase the speed and efficiency of washing machines by incorporating a high speed gear system. While their first items were called “White Cloud”, in 1928 they changed the name of these new machines to hit the market to “Speed Queen”.

Ever since then, these units have simply been improved upon, and are quite sought after on the market. The efforts of Joe Barlow and John Seelig have certainly brought a great amount of convenience and efficiency to many homes, across the globe. These days you can purchase this particular brand of item from just about any appliance and home depot store and can expect for them to last for many years to come.

Of course as is the case with any electrical appliance, they can break down, malfunction or experience a glitch and this is when you are going to require the professional repairs and maintenance services of a team such as AC Appliances. Here we can guarantee you a friendly, cost-effective and reliable service at all times.

We can arrange for your unit to be collected from your premises should you not have a means of transporting it to us. We also ensure a quick turnaround time as we generally carry stock of spares and parts that might be required. In the unlikely event that a repair is going to take some time, we will endeavour to provide you with a loan unit so that your life is not disturbed unnecessarily.

We can provide our services to all major brands of appliances and have many years of experience behind us. You can rest assured that your household items are in the hands of a team that you can undoubtedly trust. Take the time to chat to one of us at our store or telephonically about your specific needs and requirements. Once the repair has been carried out, we will advise you on how to avoid similar problems and suggest a maintenance plan to you so that you can ensure your appliances are always in excellent working order.

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