How to avoid small items getting stuck in your machine?

Use a sock or net to pack socks and bras with wire

How do I get dishes sparkling clean in dishwasher?

Use best recommended tablet for all makes and models Finish Powerball

What do I do if my washing machine is leaking water?

Never attempt to fix on your own as you may cause further damage

Can I put my refrigerator all the way up against the wall?

Yes you can, as long as there is not a metal grid on the back of it. If there is, you should make sure you leave 1" of space between the unit and the wall

What makes my oven smell so bad when it is cleaning itself?

The smell is caused by the grease and food that your oven is burning off. When possible, it is a good idea to create additional ventilation in the kitchen when cleaning your oven, perhaps by opening windows and/or doors.

What is the average amount of time it takes for a load of clothes to dry?

On average, a large load of clothes should only take around 45 minutes to dry completely. If you are noticing that your clothes are averaging more than 1 hour to dry, you might want to have your dryer vent system checked by a qualified technician for expert advise.

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